Michael Thomas Holm

About the author

I was born in Copenhagen in 1973. My interest for electronics started in 1982, and my big interest for computers started in 1991.
I like to work with computers and make them do interesting things - hardware as well as software.
Some of my sparetime goes with building an alarm system for home security that gives notifications on mobile phone. The system is automatic (adaptive), so there is no need to enable or disable the alarm. It finds out for itself if the alarm should arm a given room or not.

Curriculum vitae
2009->Software designer at Thrane & Thrane A/S, (Cobham) (Graphical User Interface written in QT and other application written in c or c++.
2000-2009RF Designer at Thrane & Thrane A/S (Inmarsat L-band frequencies 1525-1661MHz).
1997-2000RF Designer at Nokia Mobile Phones A/S (GSM 900MHz/1800MHz receiver/transmitter).
1995-1997Student job at GN Netcom. Programming (Visual Basic), Electronic design (LF) and manual SMD component mounting.
1994-1997Educated at Technical University of Denmark, B.Sc.EE. Grade book.

Additional leader education
2005-20063 Project leader courses (2 internal and 1 external).

Additional education from CEI-Europe - Advanced Technology Education
2005Phase Locked Loops for Wireless Communication Systems.
2003Advanced RF Power Amplifier Techniques for Wireless Systems.
2001RF and High-Speed Digital Design Using Field-Solvers.
1998RF/MW Circuit Design: Linear/Nonlinear, Theory and Applications.

Programming experience
2012Design and documentation with UML, 3 days course (Teknologisk Institut).
2012C++ course in object oriented programming, Super Users, SU-204.
Fall 2007Object oriented programming (Java), DTU course 02101. Se rapporten.
2004Designed Knowledge database on linux server in PHP and MySQL using stylesheets (W3C-compliant).
2002Dynamic home page design.
2001->Perl and Bash scripting.
1999Borland C and assembler program for measuring horse power on motor bikes.
1998->Using Redhat Linux daily.
1998-1999HPVee instrument control programming.
1996-1997Visual Basic programming for advanced audio testing as GN Netcom.
Overview: Assembler, Pascal, C, (C++), Visual Basic, HPVee, Bash, Perl, HTML, PHP, MySQL, (Matlab)
Used and setting up: DOS, Win98, (WinNT), Win2000, WinXP, Linux Redhat, Linux Fedora

Language skills
EnglishTechnical high level (written and spoken).
SpanishNon-technical high level (spoken)
GermanLow level.

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